Buy oxtail soup? Enjoy it on another continent too

Do you live on another continent? A distant place where buying oxtail soup is not possible? Real Dutch Food is your to-go for the most typical Dutch products, so you can also buy delicious tasting oxtail soup from us. A powerful old-fashioned meaty soup that stimulates and surprises everyone’s taste buds. Great for during the winter days!

The origin of oxtail soup

Nowadays we can buy oxtail soup in every supermarket in the Netherlands. But where did the idea for this soup come from? There are several stories about the origin of oxtail soup. But most likely the soup as we know it originates in France.

During the French Revolution, at the end of the 18th century, there was a lot of poverty among the French population. The tails were always thrown away as waste meat, until a nobleman got the idea to make soup from this waste meat. It was a great success, many people went to buy or make the oxtail soup.

Oxtail soup properties

Oxtail soup is a soup which is drawn from oxtail. Because the tail gives off a lot of flavor, a powerful soup can be made from this. By boiling the tail for a long time on a low heat, the meat becomes tender and falls off the bone. This can then be processed in the soup.

The oxtail soup is rich in beef fat and marrow. The carrot and celery give the soup a tasty crunchy texture. Potato and tomato add a pleasant graininess to the soup. You can buy delicious oxtail soup at Real Dutch Food.

Order delicious meaty oxtail soup now

At Real Dutch Food you can order your favorite oxtail soup with a few clicks. Choose from the ready-made oxtail soup from Unox or collect the loose ingredients, turn on your favorite music and spend some time in the kitchen with the oxtail soup base from Honig.

Delivered anywhere in the world

When you have been able to make a choice, you can place the order. As soon as all payment details and contact details have been filled in, the package will be sent to the desired destination. Bee Real Dutch Food we use the most competitive possible shipping rates so that you never pay too much for shipping your favorite Dutch products.

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