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Are you looking for a webshop to order your favorite Dutch products online? Then it is definitely worth taking a look at Real Dutch Food. In our webshop you will find more than 3200 different Dutch products. Ideal for when you live (or work) abroad and miss the Dutch products terribly. With the help of the Real Dutch Food webshop you can easily order De Ruijter fruit sprinkles, Hero jam, Koopmans poffertjes mix, Vencolicorice and speculaas. But also for Dutch groceries such as magazines, books, party supplies and games you have come to the right place at Real Dutch Food.

Dutch products abroad

Real Dutch Food focuses on people who live and work abroad, but who above all miss the Dutch delicacies and products. It is quite expensive to import products from the Netherlands from abroad, and you also need someone to do the shopping, pack it for you and send it to the desired address. Quite difficult and sometimes difficult to arrange, but Real Dutch Food is the solution you are looking for. Due to the high costs you can take advantage of all kinds of discounts, offers and low shipping costs. The Dutch pay attention to the little ones and love discounts, we take that into account.

Get your Dutch products easily at home

Have you not eaten chocolate sprinkles, fruit sprinkles, speculaas or other Dutch delicacies for a long time because you live abroad? No problem at all at Real Dutch Food. Via our webshop you can easily order your desired Dutch products online. When you have placed your order, we will pack the products for you and send the order to your desired address. We can send the packages with Dutch products to almost any country in the world. So you will soon be able to enjoy your delicious Dutch delicacies all over the world.

How does Real Dutch Food work?

What you might be able to do first is register yourself for the newsletter. Because then you will be the first to benefit from the offers of our Dutch products. In any case, that’s a bonus. You can then select the Dutch products, add them to the shopping cart and order. After this you can pay completely safely and reliably in our webshop. You can pay via iDeal, Credit card, Bank transfer or an international transfer. Once paid? Then we pack the order securely and carefully for you and send it to the desired address. Also take into account long delivery times at long-distance destinations in connection with various controls and customs. So soon you can enjoy the Unox smoked sausage, sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles, Unox chicken soup or old Dutch liquorice. Thanks to Real Dutch Food, the place to order your Dutch products online, easily and quickly!

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 2.59 ( 2.82 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 450 gr
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 4.69 ( 5.11 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 12 stuks
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 1.99 ( 2.17 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 37 gr
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 2.04 ( 2.22 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 68 gr
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 2.39 ( 2.61 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 13 stuks
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 3.05 ( 3.32 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 455 ml
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 4.78 ( 5.21 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 375 gr
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 5.08 ( 5.54 incl. BTW)
Inhoud: 200 gr
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