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In the Netherlands, millions of the characteristic Dutch syrup waffles (‘stroopwafels’) are sold every year. This delicacy consists of a thin waffle with a caramel syrup filling in between the layers of dough. Although the handmade Dutch waffles are most tasty, a package of syrup waffles is easy to import. Are you craving some Dutch syrup waffles or looking to surprise some international friends with them? You can easily order them from Real Dutch Food! We deliver worldwide, so you won’t have to miss those fantastic Dutch waffles when you are abroad enjoying international adventures.

Cake in foil packaging

Bakery Joop Stroopwafels

2.19 (2.39 incl. BTW)
Content: 12 pieces

Cake in foil packaging

Jumbo Cream Butter Stroopwafels

3.69 (4.02 incl. BTW)
Content: 12 pieces

Cake in foil packaging

Jumbo Mini Stroopwafels

2.89 (3.15 incl. BTW)
Content: 200 gr

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Jumbo Stroopwafel 8x (take-away packaging)

4.49 (4.89 incl. BTW)
Content: 8 pcs

Cake in foil packaging

Jumbo Stroopwafels Honey

3.49 (3.80 incl. BTW)
Content: 365 gr
5.79 (6.31 incl. BTW)
Content: 240 gr

Cake in foil packaging

Jumbo Zeeland Babbelaar Stroopwafels

2.79 (3.04 incl. BTW)
Content: 315 gr

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Kanjers Extra large syrup waffles

3.39 (3.70 incl. BTW)
Content: 4x 2 pcs

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Kanjers Milk chocolate Caramel waffles

2.79 (3.04 incl. BTW)
Content: 180 gr

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Kanjers Original 10 Pieces

3.25 (3.54 incl. BTW)
Content: 400g

Bakeware and Baking Mixes

Koopmans Old-Dutch Stroopwafel Cake

3.99 (4.35 incl. BTW)
Content: 400gr

Dutch syrup waffles: from poor man’s cookies to delicacy

The first Dutch syrup waffle was made in the 19th century in Gouda. Created by a baker who had leftovers cookies, dough and syrup, they were typified as poor man’s cookies. However, as people began to appreciate the special taste of the syrup waffles, more bakers started to make them. Nowadays, the syrup waffle remains a typically Dutch delicacy that is difficult to find in other countries. Order them or other baked goods from our online store.

We stock a wide assortment of syrup waffles

Craving for Dutch syrup waffles while abroad? We have got you covered! Our webshop stocks a wide variety of them that you can easily order. From traditional Dutch syrup waffles, to those flavored with honey or chocolate and the very cute miniature waffles. We also stock syrup waffles and other biscuits of all famous Dutch brands such as Kanjer, Bakker Joop, Pieter Bakker and Jumbo. Want to introduce your international friends or colleagues to the joys of Dutch syrup waffles? Treat them to a pack to share, or have them partake of an amazing syrup waffles flavored cake. No matter how you go about it, Dutch syrup waffles’ unique taste is best enjoyed together!