Want to try a typical Dutch breakfast? Try this food and drink!

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Dutch breakfast: here’s how you do it

Breakfast is one of the first things you do in a day, so you’d better do it right! Fortunately, most Dutch people know how to handle that. A typical Dutch breakfast consists of bread, whether or not toasted, with cheesemeat butter and sweet toppingslike chocolate spread, sprinkles and flakes. In addition to a sandwich, Dutch people also often eat rusks, gingerbread, currant bread or a plate of porridge.

With a typical Dutch breakfast is often buttermilk, melk, coffee, tea, fresh juice or optimel Drunk. Dutch people who prefer not to start their day with bread often choose yogurt or cereals, such as muesli or cornflakes with milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. For an extensive breakfast, many people cook or bake an egg (with bacon) and sugar bread or currant bread with almond paste is brought into the house.

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Where does the word ‘breakfast’ come from?

The term ‘breakfast’ is derived from ‘de-biting’, where ‘ont’ stands for starting something and ‘biting’ is the old Dutch form for food. In English, a breakfast is referred to as ‘breakfast’, literally translated as the ‘breaking of the fast’. In French, the first meal of the day used to be called ‘déjeuner’. Later, this word for the most important meal of the day changed to ‘dîner’ – a contraction of ‘déjeuner’.

On average, Dutch people eat their breakfast between 6:00 and 8:00 on a working day. In the weekend this differs, but often it is between 7.00 and 11.00 am.

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