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Typical Dutch snacks at a glance

What are typical Dutch snacks? We have listed our top 3 for you. This way you have a handy overview in one go. Try new sweets or order your favorite treat.

With dot on one: stroopwafels

Number one of typical Dutch snacks: the stroopwafel. Did you know that a stroopwafel was originally called a syrup waffle? It is a Dutch waffle with a diamond pattern between which sweet syrup has been applied, but is now eaten worldwide. Are you looking for a real Dutch snack? Then we advise you to definitely try a stroopwafel.

Jumbo Stroopwafels Honing Typical Dutch snacksKlene Muntdrop Mild Zoet3 Typical Dutch snacksDuyvis Borrelnootjes CocktailLay's Bugles Nacho Cheese ChipsKoopmans Oud Hollandse Stroopwafelcake Typical Dutch snacks

Licorice as a delicacy and medicine

In many countries, the Dutch are known for the licorice which they take with them everywhere. Dutch children grow up with these sweets and can’t live without them. Licorice has a unique taste, but has also long been used as a medicine. Do you have a sore throat? Then take a licorice and you will soon feel better. Do you live abroad and do you miss this Dutch specialty? Order your drop quickly and easily at Real Dutch Food.

Pretlets in a diverse mix of shapes

Pretzels are still such a typical Dutch snack and come in all shapes and sizes. Sticks, stems, cubes, circles or a diverse mix of shapes. They usually appear around tea time (usually at about 16:00 in the afternoon). A salty delicacy should absolutely not be missing in a Dutch kitchen.

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