A rice cake is a nice light snack. Choose rice cakes with a flavor for an extra bite. You order them here at Real Dutch Food.

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How are rice cakes made?

A rice cake consists of puffed rice. When the rice is harvested, it is peeled and cleaned so that small stones and unripe rice are separated. Then water is added to the rice grains. Subsequently, a little rice is heated in the form for the rice cake in a short time. The moisture evaporates due to the heat. Due to the disappearance of the moisture, the puffed rice grains stick together. After cooling, you will have a crunchy wafer.

Rice cake with a flavor

The puffed rice wafer is available in many different varieties. You will find them among the breakfast products. A rice cake is also often eaten as a light snack. For an extra bite you can also add toppings. A slice of cheese, for example. Another frequently heard combination is rice cake with peanut butter . There are also different ready-to-eat variants with a taste. Cheese flavor or barbecue flavor, for example, or with a chocolate coating for a sweet appetite.

Are rice cakes healthy?

Opinions differ about whether rice cakes are tasty. One person cannot stay away from it, the other finds them tasteless. They are often seen as a healthy snack. But are rice cakes healthy? As a breakfast item, a rice cake is not that nutritious. It contains almost no fiber. With only rice cakes with your breakfast you miss important fiber. It is therefore wise to eat bread or something else with grains and fiber.

Rice cakes have a low nutritional value. If you pay attention to the diet, it is therefore a good snack for in between. But the waffles with a flavor or layer of chocolate naturally contain more sugars, so they are less healthy anyway.

To increase the nutritional value, you can also top the rice cake with some fruit or vegetables, egg, hummus, a slice of chicken fillet or fresh herbs. You can vary a lot with this. This also provides some variety in the regular dry rice cake.