Canned fruit has a very long shelf life. Fruit preserves are therefore handy to have in stock. At Real Dutch Food you can order different types of fruit preserves and have them delivered all over the world.

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Aarts Stewed Pears

 7.39 ( 7.39 incl. VAT)
Content: 700gr
 3.95 ( 3.95 incl. VAT)
Content: 400 gr
 3.15 ( 3.15 incl. VAT)
Content: 410 gr
 2.95 ( 2.95 incl. VAT)
Content: 410 gr
 2.69 ( 2.69 incl. VAT)
Content: 680gr
 3.99 ( 3.99 incl. VAT)
Content: 567gr
 3.39 ( 3.39 incl. VAT)
Content: 825 gr

Fruit preserves

Jumbo Half Pears in Syrup

 3.79 ( 3.79 incl. VAT)
Content: 840 gr
 3.89 ( 3.89 incl. VAT)
Content: 250 gr

Long shelf life fruit preserves

Canned fruit and fruit in glass jars have a long shelf life. Because the canned fruit is packaged light and airtight, spoilage is prevented. Fresh fruit contains most of the vitamins, but canned fruit is a good alternative to fresh fruit if you can't find it so easily or if you can't store it. Please note that when the fruits are in syrup, a lot of sugar is often added. As a result, it is not that healthy, but it is tasty of course.

Eating canned fruit

Canned fruit is delicious to eat in pieces. It is also very nice to use fruit preserves in a dessert or cake. Fruits with ice, for example, is always a good idea. But to make it that little bit more special you can heat up cherries for the ice cream. You can also use various types of fruit in a cake. Think of a cake with strawberry filling or make a natural cheesecake even better with fresh pieces of fruit in it. You can also put several fruits together in a bowl and make a fruit cocktail. Enough options with canned fruit. Order your fruit preserves quickly and easily online at Real Dutch Food. We ship your order anywhere in the world.