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At Real Dutch Food you are at the right place to order your favorite Dutch food worldwide. So if you live and work abroad, you will have bought your favorite Dutch food and products in no time. Are you one of those people who can’t live without the Dutch delicacies? Then Real Dutch Food is the solution to your problem.

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Whether you are looking for Unox smoked sausage, Potato different, vegetables in a jar of Hak or Knorr meal kits, you can buy Dutch food from our wide range. If you can make your choice and your shopping cart is full, you can pay safely. Then we do the shopping for you, pack it and send the package to your address abroad.

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For all Dutch people who live abroad and cannot live without the Dutch delicacies, there is Real Dutch Food. Actually an online store where you can buy your favorite Dutch food worldwide. Feel free to introduce the real Dutch food to your colleagues, they will be amazed. In addition to the well-known Dutch dishes, you can also come to us for other typical Dutch products. What about the old Dutch licorice, Sinterklaas articles, Dutch books and magazines. There’s something for every person abroad. Therefore, take a look around our webshop and buy Dutch food.

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We know all too well that the Dutch are economical and of course we take that into account. So you can earn points for an extra discount. With each order, you will receive loyalty points, so you can save for an additional discount on a future order. But we also have temporary actions. In any case, enough reasons to buy Dutch food and your favorite Dutch groceries at the webshop Real Dutch Food.

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At Real Dutch Food, as mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of all our offers, promotions and discounts. We also ensure that your Dutch groceries are neatly packed and shipped to any location worldwide. All payments via our webshop are completely secure. If it occurs that products are damaged, please contact us for any compensation. We would love to hear from you and would like to see your first order with the favorite Dutch food. Or take a look at our facebook page to stay informed of the latest news.

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Jumbo Bakers Speculaas

 2.19 ( 2.19 incl. VAT)
Content: 400 gr
 9.25 ( 9.25 incl. VAT)
Content: 610 gr
 2.09 ( 2.09 incl. VAT)
Content: 68 gr
 1.99 ( 1.99 incl. VAT)
Content: 37 gr

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Jumbo Butter Stroopwafels

 4.79 ( 4.79 incl. VAT)
Content: 12 stuks
 4.25 ( 4.25 incl. VAT)
Content: 375 gr
 9.25 ( 9.25 incl. VAT)
Content: 610 gr

Coffee accessories and cocoa

Friesche Vlag Halvamel

 3.59 ( 3.59 incl. VAT)
Content: 455 ml