Conimex has been around since 1932 and ensures that delicious Eastern flavors are for sale in the Netherlands. Did you know that Conimex is now the most famous brand in the Netherlands in the field of oriental cuisine. Conimex now has more than 100 products in their range.

The composition of the Conimex products

The authentic oriental taste was always the starting point in the composition of the products. For the manufacture of the products, the raw materials come from those regions of origin. The raw materials must have the desired quality for Conimex so that they can make the real authentic flavors. Many raw materials still come directly from countries in the Far East such as Indonesia, China and Thailand.

Sambal Oelek was the first product

The first Conimex product was Sambal Oelek and was quickly followed by the fried sambal. Due to the increasing demand for Indian rice table products, the company expanded in 1939. Unfortunately shortly afterwards World War II broke out, making the import of Eastern products increasingly difficult and eventually even completely impossible. Fortunately, the production of sambal could continue, because the chili pepper was then grown in the Dutch Westland. In order to keep the company running, Conimex focused on the manufacture of surrogates such as gravy powder, stock paste, chocovit (for chocolate milk) and chocolate cubes. In 1944 the whole company came to a complete standstill. From the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945, Mr. Sterneberg, the new owner, focused on the difficult task of rebuilding the company.

Conimex assortment

Due to the favorable developments in the market, Conimex has emerged as one of the most important producers of oriental food products in the Western world. There is a lot of attention for research, for new tasty products. This has resulted in the Conimex range being expanded even further to more than 100 items.

With a rice table dish, prawn crackers as a side dish can no longer be ignored. The prawn crackers also taste delicious with Nasi or Bami. Conimex introduced prawn crackers in the Netherlands in the 1990s. The Lange slices come from Indonesia and are further baked and packaged and sold in the Netherlands. Later the small crackers were also introduced in different flavors such as Java, Bali, Saté, Sweet Chili and Cassava.

Woks are very popular in Asia, by adding the different sauces every wok dish has a different taste. That is why Conimex introduced 11 different wok sauces in the 90s and in the new century. Later the bumboes were added in 2004. Boemboes are concentrated herbal mixtures. Boemboes are made of herbs and spices that are finely ground with a mortar. A bumbu gives a wonderfully authentic oriental taste to meat or vegetable dishes.