Dutch food

Real Dutch Food offers you the opportunity to enjoy typical Dutch food while living abroad. We deliver all kinds of food and non-food products to a wide range of countries all over the world. Our assortment is massive, with more than 3200 Dutch products in stock. Say you’re abroad for a longer period and are already missing those delicious chocolate sprinkles, rye bread or other Dutch staples? Start looking around in our online shop, order your favorite typical Dutch food and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

Enjoy Dutch food and delicacies everywhere

Our assortment consists of a huge amount of food and non-food products normally found in Dutch supermarkets. Breakfast food, baking stuff, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, dairy products and sauces; if it’s typical Dutch, we stock it. In addition to products of Dutch origin, we also sell oriental food products such as Conimex wok sauce. If you’re an expat working and living abroad, chances are you’re missing the varied international meal kits and packages typically sold in the Netherlands. Sometimes you just crave these Dutch classics; that’s why were committed to providing a wide variety of typical food from the Netherlands in our online store!

Why order your Dutch food online?

Living abroad and counting the days until you can go back to the Netherlands for some Dutch specialties? No need to wait any longer until your next visit to or from the Netherlands – order the Dutch food you crave online! Our webshop offers you a wide range of Dutch products with guaranteed low export prices. We keep shipping costs as low as possible, while making sure the delivery remains safe and fast. Eager to get started? Take a look around our webshop and experience our personal and friendly service. Our aim is to provide you with the best Dutch delicacy, wherever you are!