Enjoy your well-known Dutch sauces anywhere in the world

Are you staying abroad and can’t do without your well-known and delicious tasting Dutch sauces? With us you can easily order already your favorites, delivered all over the world. Whether you are in Spain or China. Enjoy a delicious fries with Remia fries sauce or make your own delicious hogweed with the peanut sauce from Conimex.

Types of Dutch sauces

At Real Dutch Food you can order a wide range of Dutch sauces in no time. On our website you can find the following types of Dutch sauces:

Enjoy your favorite sauces anywhere in the world

When you have been able to make a choice from the wide selection of Dutch sauces, you can place the order. As soon as all payment details and contact details have been filled in, the package will be sent to the desired destination. Bee Real Dutch Food we use the most competitive possible shipping rates so that you never pay too much for shipping your favorite Dutch products.

Order directly online

After placing the order, you will receive the desired sauces and other Dutch delicacies within a few weeks, depending on the delivery address .

In addition to the fact that Real Dutch Food is one of the few parties that ships Dutch products worldwide, you also benefit from various discounts.

This way you can save for bonus points. You save these points with all groceries, when you have enough points, you will receive no less than € 5, – discount on a next purchase.

Order Directly Online
 4.29 ( 4.68 incl. VAT)
Content: 370 gr

Bakeware and Baking Mixes

Jumbo Mix for Traditional Oliebollen

 2.39 ( 2.61 incl. VAT)
Content: 500 gr
 1.79 ( 1.95 incl. VAT)
Content: 38 gr
 1.59 ( 1.73 incl. VAT)
Content: 20 gr

Candy, biscuits, chips & pretzels

Bolletje Brittle egg cake milk

 2.79 ( 3.04 incl. VAT)
Content: 155 gr