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Amstel Radler Beer Lemon Can 6 x 33cl Amstel Radler Beer Lemon Can 6 x 33clRefreshing Amstel Radler

Ordering Amstel beer is a good choice! Amstel Radler lemon is a natural mix of Amstel beer and sparkling lemon water. It has a refreshing taste and contains only 2% alcohol. Delicious for after sports or any other effort, during a barbeque or just in between on hot days.

Per 100 mL, the refreshing drink contains 42 kCal. Furthermore, it contains 0.2 g of protein, 7.5 g of carbohydrates (of which 6.3 g of sugars), 0.12 g of fiber and 1.2 mg of sodium. Amstel Radler beer consists of carbonated water, barley malt, hops, sugar, fruit juice (5% from concentrate, of which 2.7% from lemon juice and the remaining part from orange juice, lime juice and acerola juice), concentrated lemon extract, natural aroma, carob gum as stabilizer and lemongrass extract. It does not contain any artificial additives.

Amstel BeerOrder Amstel beer

Amstelbeer has been brewed with love since 1870 for all those unforgettable moments in life. Amstel Pilsener is a full malt beer and is brewed with natural ingredients. The result is a bright golden yellow beer with a full, accessible taste and a firm head. The perfect beer to enjoy and share with friends. For more information about the nutritional values and ingredients, it is best to use the view product page.

Typical Dutch products

Other typical Dutch products (which you can also order with your Amstel beer) include stroopwafels, licorice and pretzels. Stroopwafels are number one when it comes to real Dutch products. It is a Dutch waffle with a diamond pattern between which sweet syrup has been applied, but is now eaten worldwide. Also in many countries, the Dutch are known for the licorice which they take with them everywhere. Licorice has a unique taste, but has also long been used as a medicine. Do you have a sore throat? Then take a licorice and you will soon feel better. And Pretzels are another example of a real Dutch product and come in all shapes and sizes. Sticks, stems, cubes, circles or a diverse mix of shapes. They usually appear around tea time (usually at about 16:00 in the afternoon). A salty delicacy should absolutely not be missing in a Dutch kitchen.

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