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Content: 6 x 25 gr
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Which Dutch snacks will you be ordering from us?

Perhaps you’d like to let your children try the classic Liga Evergreen cookies that you may have enjoyed when you were young. If you’d like other fruit cookies, we also stock Sultana’s and Hero fruit bars. For different-flavored snack bars, try some Liga Haverkicks, with oats and dried fruit. The Dutch preference for dairy extends to snacks; the delicious Milkbreak and Yofruit cookies are a testament to that! If you’re really more of a sweet tooth, chocolate-covered LU Time-Out cookies or caramel-flavored Snack-a-Jacks rice crackers will satisfy your sugary cravings.

We ship to any location in the world

Real Dutch Food is committed to providing the delicacies of typical foodstuffs from the Netherlands anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a Dutch expat abroad pining for a taste of home or simply curious about the tastes from this little country, we’re happy to be of service. Order your Dutch snacks today!