Authentic dairy products from Friesland Campina

Real Dutch Food is the online store for Dutch products abroad. One of the brands that we sell is FrieslandCampina. This brand, also often called Campina, has been known for decades for its high-quality dairy products.

Feel free to check out our website to see which products we offer. For example, treat yourself to authentic Dutch dairy products.

Traditional Dutch dairy quality

Many Dutch people abroad have nostalgic memories of the taste of Campina. With our wide range of products, we are happy to bring that traditional Dutch dairy quality to your home. Are you looking for milk, yogurt, butter or other dairy products ? Then we have everything you need.

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Buttermilk: The refreshing traditional drink

Campina buttermilk deserves a special mention. This refreshing, typically Dutch drink is loved by many. With its distinct taste and texture, the buttermilk is therefore a true pleasure. For example, enjoy a glass of buttermilk at breakfast or as a refreshing thirst quencher. You can also use it as an ingredient in traditional Dutch dishes such as pancakes and poffertjes.

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A piece of Dutch pride

FrieslandCampina is not just a brand, it is a piece of Dutch pride. It is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The milk is collected from farmers in the region, making it a local and sustainable product. That is why you also support the Dutch dairy industry with Campina.

FrieslandCampina: A healthy choice

Campina offers a number of health benefits. They are a natural source of important nutrients. Think of calcium, proteins and vitamins. So you add valuable nutrients to your diet when you drink milk, eat yogurt or use butter. It is also a brand known for its high quality standards. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a healthy diet.

Simple and reliable

At Real Dutch Food we understand the need for convenience and reliability. That is why we have made the ordering process as simple as possible. Browse through our range, select the Campina products you want and place your order. We ensure that your products are carefully packaged and delivered to you safely. Our years of experience and excellent customer reviews make us a reliable choice.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Campina

Whether you miss the taste of home or just want to enjoy Campina. Real Dutch Food helps you. With our extensive range of dairy products, we bring the authentic taste of the Netherlands directly to your home.

Order Campina at Real Dutch Food and taste the difference

Don't let the taste of Dutch dairy products pass you by. Order Campina at Real Dutch Food and taste the difference. With our wide range , competitive shipping costs and personal service, we provide you with the best shopping experience.